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Whether your need is to have a therapist come to your home, in office setting, over the phone, or other need – we can serve you.

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Relationships can be stressful but we will connect you with a qualified professional that will meet your need. Let us assist you with the services we offer:

It is normal for individuals within these relationships to struggle in some or all of these areas:

  • Communication issues
  • Desire discrepancy
  • Budgeting disagreements
  • Parenting challenges like disrespect, poor decision making, chores, bed wetting, etc.
  • A family member struggling with depression or anxiety

As individuals sometimes life throws us a curve ball and it is normal to seek advice from a professional. Let us assist you with the services we offer:

  • Life Transitions / Changes Counseling
  • Dating Counseling
  • Stress Management Counseling
  • Depression and Anxiety Therapy
  • Sexual Addictions Counseling
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Etc…

We can also assist you in challenges such as:

  • Recovering Intimacy after Adultery
  • Last chance reconciliation of differences
  • Mediating and mellowing a divorce

If you want to be proactive we can assist in:

  • Premarital therapy (an excellent engagement present whether you are worried about the young couple or not)
  • Premarital therapy for developing marriage behavior contracts
  • Marriage or relationship therapy enhancement sessions
  • Child rearing techniques and development of skills

Allred Family Therapy offers services for all types of therapy needs to children, adolescents and adults in all counties in Washington. We are also working to expand to other states as needed. Therapy services are provided for individuals, couples, families, groups, etc..

If you become dissatisfied for any reason with the professional therapist or counselor, we help you find, we will work to help you find a new professional therapist or counselor and provide you with a FREE session.

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