Use Of Psychoanalysis In Family Therapy

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Psychoanalysis has got developed as a major technique in family therapy. Most therapists make use of this highly effective technique which has worked for scores of individuals. It was developed by an Austrian neurologist named Sigmund Freud in late nineteenth century. Over the years, it has become highly popular among most therapists.

Sigmund Freud happened to study children suffering from a language disorder named aphasia. He happened to study various traits of the human behavior and certain events that lead to behavioral disorders. He postulated a set of theories to explain the relation between mental problems and distressing events. His theories were worked upon by many experts and the modern day version of psychoanalysis was developed.

Psychoanalysis is utilized in various family therapies. These include Adlerian, Attachment theory, Object Relations and Psychoanalytic therapies. It is important to note that it is coupled with numerous other techniques to have a long lasting solution. On similar lines, no technique is perfect and has to be coupled with others in order to achieve success.

There are three main components of this technique, right from analysis of problem to its resolution. First component is the method which relates with investigation of the thought process of an individual in focus. Second component is the set of theories relating with the human behavior. Third component of this approach focuses on treatment of an underlying problem.

During psychoanalysis the therapist would have a detailed communication with patient. A try is made to make sense of various thoughts of a patient. These thoughts can be in form of his or her fantasies, dreams and free associations. Afterwards, the analyst would chalk out various underlying problems and a plan to resolve the same.

It is possible to address numerous behavioral problems with the help of psychoanalysis. At the same time, there are others which can not be treated in this way. The analyst is always the best person to provide the complete picture of underlying issue, causes and treatment. This technique requires the patient to have ability to communicate for a resolution to take place.

The different problems which can be addressed in this way include all sorts of phobias and compulsions. Many people tend to suffer with obsessions and anxiety attacks that may be treated in this way. It is a primary way to deal with issues in relationships including marital discord and dating strife.

Though there are many variations in the exact approach, the core procedure remains same. The patient is made to rest on a couch and let his or her imagination run wild. Afterwards, the analyst would get in touch with the patient and get information about the thoughts. A sense of these thoughts is made by the analyst and a treatment follows.

A use of psychoanalytic theory has been made to chalk out various forms of treatment. The treatment may be in the form of play and group therapies, storey telling etc. Most therapists make use of various other techniques of family therapy to conduct treatment of the subject successfully.

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