Various Family Therapy Techniques In Popular Use

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Family therapy happens to be the perfect way of dealing with numerous issues between couples and families. These techniques study various aspects of human behavior and help in resolution of problems. Most problems in relationships have been found to be treated in this way. The different techniques used by various therapies are discussed in the following lines.

The major techniques used in the process include psychoanalysis, play, genograms and systematic desensitization. Other major approaches used by therapists are hypothesizing, coaching, circular questioning, restraining and family mapping. A therapist may use any combination of these approaches depending on the particular issue.

Psychoanalysis is one of the widely adopted procedures, opted by numerous therapists. This credit of development of this technique goes to Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud. It has few major components which focus on understanding of mind of the individuals and treatment of underlying problem. There are around 22 orientations of this approach which cover various aspects of human psychology.

Various forms of depression, compulsion, anxiety attacks, phobias and obsessions can be treated by this approach. Apart from these, it is possible to treat marital issues, shyness, hyper-emotionality and other character traits in this way. There is a certain level of communication involved with the subject in this process. Hence, the subject must express willingness to be treated and be able to communicate with the therapist.

The therapist would first analyze state of mind of the patient and take down important notes about the same. Afterwards, use of various other techniques such as art, play and storey telling is made for treatment. Treatment methods based on play have been quite successful in cases of kids.

Play based therapies are mainly used in case of children aged below 11 years. The kids can express their feelings and experiences in a pretty detailed manner by playing. Healing obtained by method is self-paced and self-guided and pretty effective as well. The disturbed behavior of child can be analyzed by the therapist in this way.

A genogram is a set of pictorial displays which represent family relationships. Along with that, it depicts medical history of most members and other necessary traits. A genogram is pretty useful in studying hereditary patterns that can explain underlying causes of serious relationship problems. In fact, genograms are getting increasingly used in medicine, social work, psychology and psychiatry.

Various symbols such as squares, circles, triangles etc are used in genograms for pictorial representation of relationships. Relationships, medical history, dates of birth and death, emotional relation etc are specified here along with the names. Genograms help therapists to understand the broader context of a problem and carry out suitable treatment.

It is important to note that numerous factors mandate use of a combination of family therapy techniques. It is possible that a single approach may not provide complete information on underlying causes and possible treatments. Thus, it is important that all possible aspects of treatment are consulted with the therapist. At the same time, the therapist should be provided maximum information possible to get maximum benefits from treatment.

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