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Guided Bible Reading

Starting in Genesis, this online weekly reading program allows you to explore God’s Word with the guidance of an outstanding biblical scholar who has a deeply personal Christian faith.

Not only will you learn from your guide, but you’ll also have the option of “going deeper” in your study of each week’s Scripture passage through links to other commentaries and resources. And each Lectio comes with related artistic renderings of the passage.

Over the course of four years, you’ll encounter a majority of the Bible – and do so in tandem with the Seattle Pacific University community as students, faculty, and staff focus on the same weekly Scripture in Chapel, community Bible studies, and other weekly worship events.

2010-11 Lectio Schedule

Each Guided Bible Reading lasts for one academic quarter. Your guide is an SPU School of Theology professor who will share a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about how to navigate the biblical text.

Autumn Quarter 2010 (beginning September 27, 2010)

Dr. Frank Spina begins at the beginning, guiding us through Genesis 1–Exodus 19. Complete schedule of readings

Winter Quarter 2011 (beginning January 4, 2011)

Dr. David Nienhuis leads us through the first book of the New Testament, the Gospel of Matthew.

Spring Quarter 2011 (beginning March 30, 2011)

Dr. Daniel Castelo acts as our guide to Paul’s letter to the Romans.

Summer Quarter 2011 (beginning June 13, 2011)

Dr. Sara Koenig takes us on a journey through Old Testament selections that reveal Israel’s story.

How to Participate

You are welcome to begin the Lectio: Guided Bible Reading at any time. To fully benefit from participation in the Lectio, you are encouraged to take advantage of two optional services:

* Email Notification

To receive email notice of each week’s Scripture passage, simply sign up on the left.

* “Going Deeper” Resources

After the Lectio launches, you will be able to register to receive access to a wealth of other commentaries and resources that will enhance your study.

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