How Important is Pre-marriage Counseling?

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Pre-marriage counseling is not a service for couples in trouble. As a matter of fact, most couples who undergo this type of counseling have nothing glaringly wrong with their relationships. Pre-marriage counseling is designed to prepare couples for an impending marriage. It raises questions for the couples to discuss and deals with issues that may already be a problem. Since this type of help is not required to get married, some couples skip the step all together. This brings up an important question: How important is Pre-marriage counseling to a couple?.

Important Questions are Asked
During pre-marriage counseling, a man and woman sit down with a pastor, friend, or trained professional. Usually intense issues are explored so that the couple has time to deal with the issues before any problems arise in the marriage. For example, topics about in-laws, money management, and children are discussed. I had a hairstylist who had to call off her wedding because she found out an important detail about her fiancé during pre-marriage counseling. She found out that he would divorce her if she had infertility issues. These are things you want to know before getting married!

Relationship Dedication is Shown
The more you and your partner are willing to invest in your relationship before marriage, the better chance you have of making it. This country has a 50% divorce rate. The more you can do to prevent divorce in your life, the better.

Boosts Confidence
If you already have a strong relationship, pre-marriage counseling will just give you the confidence you need to succeed. When my husband and I underwent pre-marriage counseling we found out that we had already discussed all the major topics that could happen during a marriage. We left feeling great about our relationship and the decision to get married. We even took a test designed by the church and each passed with flying colors. After 5 years of marriage, we are still as happy as ever. Although we are still fairly new to the marriage scene, I consider 5 years an accomplishment. Some people don’t even make it past 1 year.

The only reason not to undergo this preparation is if you want to set your marriage up for failure. If you cannot invest a few hours in your relationship prior to marriage, think of what will happen during the marriage. To answer my earlier question: Pre-marriage counseling is extremely important.

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