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I like to keep a balanced case load of kids (6-18) and young adults (18-35). I will work outside those age groups if there is a need but that is where I am at my best. I especially love teens and young adults and working with women but work well with men as well.  I do offer Christian counseling…

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Shawnda-Brese.jpg Pierce County Marriage and Family Therapy
Lisa is experienced working with couples, adolescents, individuals, children and their families.  Lisa works with mental health clients and…Read More…
Lisa-Renda.jpg Pierce County Marriage and Family Therapy
Cheri’s approach to therapy creates a partnership with the couple or client necessary for development of goals, healthy boundaries, and empowerment of the client for change. Directly communicating client strengths and modeling new behavior offers the client the opportunity…Read More…
Cheri-Rholman.jpg Pierce County Marriage and Family Therapy
Allison I believe in you. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I provide couples, family and individual therapy for teens and adults on Saturdays. Therapy can be a tool to help an individual, couple, or family grow beyond challenges. I am excited to…Read More… Allison-Huffman-LMFT-e1433547809712-597x1024.jpg Pierce County Marriage and Family Therapy
Sean Sean has been counseling for the past 11 years and offers those with whom he works an increased ability to communicate and develop the skills and tools needed to tackle their current issues…Read More… Pierce County Marriage and Family Therapy