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Why Most Couples Can Benefit From Premarital Counseling or Couples Therapy

Pre-marriage counseling is not a service just for couples in trouble. As a matter of fact, most couples who undergo this type of counseling have nothing glaringly wrong with their relationships. Pre-marriage counseling is designed to prepare couples for an impending marriage. It raises questions for the couples to discuss and deals with issues that may already be a problem. Since this type of help is not required to get married, some couples skip the step all together.

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Premarital or couples counseling, helps to provide intensive and comprehensive skill-building and education as marriage preperation.  Skill-building and education are the key factors in long-term divorce prevention and marriage success. Today’s marriages need all the help they can get.

When premarital couples run into normal compatibility and conflict issues they often don’t realize that the challenges they are running up against are a normal part of relationship development. In most cases, what these couples really need (at least for a start) is a quality, skill-based, premarital education experience.

Couples who decide to do premarital or couples counseling can cover all the general issues, develop skills, get an overview of their relationship and discover what they need to advance their relationship.

Here are some of the advantages:

• A comprehensive, structured, but flexible, approach to marriage success skills and strategies.

• An educational setting where you’ll feel inspired and your relationship issues will seem less like “problems” and more like growth areas

• Many couples discover that the relationship issues that worried them are very normal and are shared by many other couples.

• Provide couples with the strategies and tools to manage the normal challenges that all married couples encounter in their relationships and marriages.

During therapy a couple can learn the skills they need to manage their compatibility issues, communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts in a healthy way that will dramatically increase their intimacy. With pre-marriage therapy couples  learn how to protect their relationships, including your sex life, from being undermined by the normal issues and stresses that eventually surface in any relationship.

Not all marriage preparation is the same. While the benefits of premarital counseling are beginning to become more widely known, most couples don’t yet understand that premarrige therapy will boost a couple’s ability to succeed in today’s demanding marriages. Research shows that couples who have skill-based marriage preparation are much happier and more successful in the long run.

Counseling couples helps them handle the increased stress of the pre-wedding period in a much more healthy way, so that they can use the pre-wedding experience to deepen their intimacy–not stress their relationship–during this special time.

Premarital Counseling also makes a great gift for any couple thinking about joining together for a lifetime of commitment.  Contact our client liason to discuss how to give this gift of love 253-655-7326