Allred Family Therapy offers counseling services to children, adolescents and adults by helping them connect with the best therapist in their local area that will be able to help them work through their issues. Allred Family Therapy works with the best counselors that are able to provide the most convenient environment for their clients by conducting the sessions either in an office environment, in home environment, over the phone counseling or online counseling. Office therapists provide the traditional setting allowing for a neutral location. Our In-Home counselor sessions save travel expenses and time while providing a comfortable environment for open communication. Phone or online therapy provides services for outlying areas and those seeking increased anonymity. Allred Family Therapy provides services for a broad spectrum of clients due to the extensive experience of our counselors. Our experienced counselor that is personally selected for your situation will able to deal with a wide range of personal issues ranging from sexual to general communication issues, from financial issues to gambling addictions, from career selection to business relationships. We provide services for marriage counseling, premarital counseling, Christian counseling, relationship counseling, couples counseling, divorce counseling, individual therapy, family therapy, child therapy, sex therapy, etc. We also provide mental health services in the areas of anxiety therapy, depression therapy, eating disorders therapy, PTSD therapy, addiction therapy, anger management therapy, trauma therapy, grief therapy, ADHD therapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, solution focused therapy and a wide range of other mental health therapy services.

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