Our Philosophy And Our Stand

Our Philosophy And Our Stand

Our Stand

We WILL help provide you with the best professional therapist/counselor to help meet your needs GUARANTEED!  If we are unable to help you find a qualified therapist/counselor we will pay for the first session of a therapist/counselor of your choice.  We’re so confident that you’ll like the therapist/counselor we provide for you, if you don’t, we’ll pay for the first session of the therapist/counselor of your choice.  Whether your need is to have a therapist come to your home, an in office setting, over the phone, or other need we can serve you.

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Who We Are

Allred Family Therapy is made up of licensed professionals involved in the fields of Marriage and Family therapy, Mental Health therapy and a broad-spectrum of Counseling Services.  The professionals we work with are thoroughly educated as noted in their individual professional statements and hold high ethical standards.  Each professional maintains their own licensure with the state of Washington which is noted at http://www.doh.wa.gov/licensing We serve clients throughout Pierce and King Counties in Washington State helping the needs of the public be met by successfully connecting them with skilled professionals.

Since our founding, Allred Family Therapy has been involved with the problems, needs and changing patterns of individuals, couples and families. We assess your situation and help connect you with our best professional to help you through your issues.

What We Do

Allred Family Therapy provides clients with licensed professionals who will best meet their needs.  To do this we have professionals who will come to your home, allow you to come to their office or conduct sessions with you via telephone.

In-Home Sessions:
When a professional meets with you in your home they are able to gain greater insight into each personality involved in the sessions.  In-home sessions offer the convenience of saving you the expense and time of travel while also providing a comfortable familiar environment for you to communicate openly.

Office Visits:
Office visits are the traditional professional setting allowing for a neutral location to discuss your issues.

Phone Sessions:
Telephone sessions are very helpful for individuals who live in outlying areas or for those desiring anonymity.

Message from AAMFT President Linda Schwallie

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