Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: AllredFamilyTherapy.ORG

ALLREDFAMILYTHERAPY.ORG is the main Web site of Allred Family Therapy.  We are very sensitive to the privacy of Internet users who visit this site. Therefore, we endeavor to provide users all information regarding our identity, how we use personal information that is collected, how to contact us, and how they can access and update their personal information. We also inform users of all potential recipients of the personal information. We do not use any personal information for purposes beyond those stated herein.

Our Identity and How to Contact Us

This site is owned and operated by Allred Family Therapy, LLC. Users can contact us by linking to the Contact page and leaving a message detailing any questions or concerns.

Personal Information: Collection and Use

Personal Data. ALLREDFAMILYTHERAPY.ORG collects information from users only on a voluntary basis in the following categories and never discloses the information except as provided herein: name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address and reason for seeking services. Information is provided voluntarily by users and is used by Allred Family Therapy only to the extent necessary to deliver items/services ordered from, to subscribe to publications, to subscribe to summaries of current news stories, to submit information regarding needs, news or events, or to provide feedback regarding the site. The information collected is used strictly to facilitate users’ requests or to respond to a query. We regard this information as confidential and do not use it for any other purpose, sell it to other parties, or disclose it to any third party (except to third-party delivery services to effectuate delivery of the goods as requested by the user). If any problems are encountered in removing or modifying personal information or if any other request to update personal information has been submitted, users can contact us at the contact page and request assistance.

Third-Party Data. Users may also submit personal information of third parties, including their names, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and need for services. This information is used to allow Allred Family Therapy representatives to make contact with the named individual to determine interest in hearing the services we offer, and for no other purpose. Users can also provide the same information regarding third parties to order items or subscriptions for the third party. The information collected is used strictly to facilitate the users’ requests for delivery of the item to the third party or to simplify the process of future orders or subscription renewals to the same third party, and for no other purpose.

Local Representatives. ALLREDFAMILYTHERAPY.ORG has established Web sites containing some additional information on therapists, counselors, other professionals and members. In order to access member or professional information in these Web sites, the user must be a member of Allred Family Therapy organization or registered member and register by providing his or her requested information. This information is collected to limit and restrict who can access the Web site, and for no other purpose. The member will also provide his or her name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address on his or her registration to use the Web site. This information is used strictly to facilitate the user’s request or to respond to a question, and for no other purpose. Access to the Web site is allowed only for general Allred Family Therapy functions.

Site Activities: Collection and Use of Other Data

Allred Family Therapy has contracted with a third-party service provider to help track and analyze usage and volume statistics on this site. The third-party service provider does not collect personal information from site visitors, only general summaries of site activities. This information is used only to improve the site’s quality. This third-party service uses cookies and clear gifs (as explained below), neither of which contain personally identifiable information, to help in tracking and analyzing site usage information.

Cookies and Clear Gifs. In our effort to improve users’ site experience, the site uses cookies and clear gifs to provide pages and features that are most compatible with users’ preferences. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a browser when a user visits a Web site. A clear gif is a graphic file, rather than a text file, that is similar in function to a cookie. Cookies and clear gifs do not identify the user personally; they simply identify the browser and track the settings, preferences, or features. When a user returns to the site, the user’s browser sends the cookie or clear gif to the Allred Family Therapy’s Web server and/or the third party’s server.

Internet Protocol (“IP”) Addresses. When users request pages from ALLREDFAMILYTHERAPY.ORG, our servers may log their IP address in order to improve site administration. This information, along with the other information listed above, can also be used to produce usage statistics to help ALLREDFAMILYTHERAPY.ORG to better meet the needs of users and determine specific interests.

Protecting Information

ALLREDFAMILYTHERAPY.ORG cannot guarantee that the information will not be lost or misused, but we make every effort to ensure that it is secured to avoid such problems.

Foreign Transfer of Data

This site is designed for use by U.S. residents. If you are not a U.S. resident, you can use this site, but you are responsible for making sure that your actions comply with the laws in your area. When you submit information through this Web site, we understand that your action is an affirmative act, indicating informed consent to the processing as well as informed consent to allow the transborder transfer of the data to the U.S. for the purposes outlined above. If you submit any personal information about yourself or others, including information inferring or demonstrating religious beliefs, affiliations, or practices, you alone are responsible for the consequences of making this transfer of personal information.

Children’s Privacy

We do not knowingly collect information from children under 13. Children under 13 wishing to submit personal information to the site are advised to have their parents submit any requests using the parents’ own personal data.

Third-Party Links

ALLREDFAMILYTHERAPY.ORG is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any third-party sites. For your own protection, you should review the policies of similar sites to ensure they meet your personal expectations of privacy.

Future Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of the Privacy Policy at any time. As we do not typically use personal information except as provided for above, we are not in a position to notify each user of material changes in our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to check the Privacy Policy to remain informed of any changes.

Effective Date

This version of the Privacy Policy became effective on the 11th day of February, 2011.