Noralee’s Testimonial Page

Noralee’s Testimonial Page

To whom it may concern

I have written this letter of recommendation for Michael Sean Allred because he has been instrumental in helping our family to overcome some difficult transitions and to communicate more positively.

As our son, Mike, started his 8th grade year, age 14 years old, our family’s disagreements and frustrations intensified. After many months of searching for answers, Mike was finally diagnosed with ADHD. Counseling was recommended at that time. We consulted with our bishop for help and he referred us to counseling. We were blessed when Michael Sean Allred became our counselor and began counseling with our family.

During each of our meetings, our family felt comfortable in talking with Sean about our concerns. He conducted each of the sessions very professionally.

As observed, Sean has a kind and trusting disposition. He was able to calm frustrated opinions and open topics for all to participate. The relationship Sean had with our son was very positive and helpful. Mike felt he could share his thoughts openly, knowing he would have Sean’s acceptance and that Sean would respect his point of view. Our family was strengthened through these sessions.

As a Speech Language Pathologist, I was impressed to observe Sean’s professional ways. He respected all parties involved. He asked thought- provoking questions, allowed plenty of time for responses, and was able to help us summarize learned information.

I would highly recommend Sean for other counseling opportunities in helping families, particularly teenagers, work better together.

Thank you,
Noralee G., MCD, SLP-CCC
21920 …..
Mountlake Terrace, WA. 98043